Lowery Park Zoo


Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Have you ever fed a giraffe, sting ray, lorikeet or walked around with a Wallaby? This is the experience you’ll have firsthand that will last you a lifetime


We have great news!  The tickets will be good for a year.  If the weather does not cooperate or you can not go on June 23rd then you still go later on your own time.  


Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo is a 63-acre nonprofit zoo located in Tampa, Florida. In 2009, Lowry Park Zoo was voted the #1 Family Friendly Zoo in the US by Parents Magazine, and is recognized by the State of Florida as the center for Florida wildlife conservation and biodiversity 


Giraffe Ranch offers Pygmy hippopotamus, Indian rhinoceros, Malayan tigers, African elephants, Key deer, Florida panther, Southern white rhinoceros, Chimpanzees, Siamangs, Giraffes, Okapis, Koalas, Bornean orangutans, Komodo dragons, Babirusas, Clouded leopards, American black bears, Sri Lankan sloth bears, Malayan tapirs and African penguins

Once at the Zoo you will be on your own to explore all of the attractions.  You can also purchase food at the zoo to interact with the giraffe, sting ray or lorikeets

$30 per person for tickets to the Zoo



Note: There are no refunds given for Club events. Anyone needing to sell tickets or wishing to buy tickets for a sold-out event must do so on the Members-to-Members Forum.



Lowry Park Zoo

1101 W Sligh Ave

Tampa, FL 33604

(813) 935-8552




Trip Leaders:

Greg Stickney


352 454 3843


Darilyn Dolimpio

352 446 4092




Everyone will meet at the Eisenhower Recreation Center by 8:15 am and depart at 8:30 am 


NOTE:  If you have a question about the trip please contact trip leaders above.  If you have a question about registration please contact Bev Garlipp:  bevgarlipp@gmail.com or call 352-789-4357