Eisenhower Recreation Center Tour

Saturday, February 6, 2015

VCC Member, Tim Berthiaume, has arranged a private guided tour through the Eisenhower Regional Recreation Center for our club. 


Mr. Harry Lumpkin, a well known local veteran, will be giving us a guided tour of all the exhibits and memorabilia on display.  He has personal knowledge of most of the items on display because he was on the committee that selected and set up the many varied and interesting displays.  


Please arrive by 4:15 pm  to check in with the trip leaders. The tour will begin at 4:30 pm SHARP.


Registration is $5 per person and limited to 150 people. 



Mr. Lumpkin has volunteered his time for the tour. We are making a donation to a worthy veteran's organization on his behalf. 


This is a unique opportunity to know more about the history behind the displays at Eishenhower and to appreciate the people and stories involved.


Trip leaders are Jane-Ellen and Steve Greenwood.